Paola's Story

Bariatric Surgery Patient Dr. Paola Velazco


Dr. Paola Velazco is a member of the team at Tijuana Bariatrics, and a bariatric surgery patient herself. Dr. Velazco has lost 72 pounds so far after her surgery. She feels more energetic and healthy following her surgery.

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Not only am I a physician that works in Dr. Garcia's crew, I'm a bariatric patient too. I had surgery in August 2012. I have lost 33 kilos, so 72 pounds. I feel great. I have a lot of energy, which was one of the things that when you're overweight you start struggling with not feeling any energy. Everything starts to hurt; your back, your neck, your knees and it got to the point where I just thought, "I cannot do this." I started thinking about our bariatric patients and I started seeing their photos. I started thinking that this can really be a good choice for me. He did my procedure, of course. I trust him 100%. He is a really good surgeon. He's a person that has great ethics. I wouldn't put myself in the hands of someone that I didn't trust. I trust him 100%, and just to have an example, he did my dad's surgery four months ago.