Bariatric Anesthesia

Safe, Effective Bariatric Anesthesia


Dr. Victor Andres Cabrera is the Bariatric Anesthesiologist at Tijuana Bariatrics. Dr. Cabrera provides safe, effective bariatric anesthesia while patients receive their gastric bypass, mini gastric bypass, or sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Dr. Cabrera is proud to help our patients relax so they can receive excellent care.

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I'm Victor Andres Cabrera Morales. I'm the Chief of Staff for Anesthesiologist. Besides the specialty of these patients, I also have the specialty in cardiovascular diseases. I am a cardiovascular anesthesiologist. Besides the [inaudible 00:00:27] metabolic patients, I also have the specialty so I can take care of patients with heart problems and critical patients; those patients that have more than one disease, so that patients can be more relaxed when they come to us, where we can take good care of them.