Our Hospital Setting

The Benefits of a Bariatric Surgery Center with a Hospital-setting


At Tijuana Bariatrics, patients can rest assured their care will be top-notch. Our surgeries are performed in a hospital setting instead of a clinic, so we have all of the standards of a regular hospital. Our bariatric surgery center is equipped with a full staff of doctors and nurses, and can even provide a blood transfusion if necessary.

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Dr. Paola Velazco: One thing that makes us different is that we're not in a clinic, we're in a hospital setting. We have a lab, we have the x-rays, if there's any complication, we have the I.C.U. on the same floor that the patients stay on. So, we have all the standards of the hospital. Dr. Edel Garfias: Sometimes, some patients are very, very scared to come here to Mexico, here in Tijuana. But the facility is in a very quiet place and a very safe place and we have a very good staff; nurses and doctors. Dr. Paola Velazco: Another thing that comes to mind with some patients is that if they need a blood transfusion, we have our blood bank here in Tijuana. They have the Universal Standards. All of the blood banks from all over the world will make the same test on the blood. It's the same risk that they have taking a blood transfusion in the States, that you do here.