Follow-up to Bariatric Surgery

Understanding Post Bariatric Surgery Instructions


Follow-up bariatric surgery happens during a patient's stay in a hospital after they leave Tijuana Bariatrics. Our team comes to remove staples and check up that a patient feels safe and is recovering properly. Our team is available to answer any questions even after a patient returns to their homes. Post bariatric surgery instructions will be given from our team to ensure a patient has a great recovery process.

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The follow-up takes place when the patient leaves the hospital. They will stay one or two nights at the hotel, and we have a coordinator sometimes at the hotel who will take care of any of your necessities. On the second day of the stay, I will go and check on the patient, see if they're OK, check their incisions and make sure that if there are any staples, I will remove the staples and just to make sure that they patient feels safe. If they're not doing so good, if we need to take them back to the hospital, we will come and take them back or just make sure that he's OK. Once the patient goes back home, we stay in contact with the patient. We can do phone calls, we can do emails, we can have them on the Facebook webpage that's administered by two other doctors. So any questions that they have, they will get their answer right away.