Pre- and Post-operatory Care

Before and After Bariatric Surgery


Tijuana Bariatrics facilitates all of the procedures and treatments involved before and after bariatric surgery. In preparing for bariatric surgery, pre-operation treatments include making the patient comfortable, pre-op laboratory work, an evaluation of a patient's health, and more. After bariatric surgery is complete, our team does a test of vital signs, tests to ensure that the stomach is not leaking, and the beginning of a post-op diet. Our team is available anytime after surgery to ensure a patient is healthy and comfortable.

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[Music] When the patient arrives at the hospital, we make sure that he feels secure first of all, and we start our protocol about starting surgery. We do pre- op labs. We do some x-rays. We do an electrocardiogram to make sure that the patient is in good shape for surgery, do a small evaluation about the patient. Dr. Garfias is the one that checks the patient, does the pre-op evaluation for the patient to go to the O.R. When the pre-op evaluation gets done, they will meet Dr. Garcia and the anesthesiologist, and they will do their own evaluation, and they will take care from there. When the patient gets out from the O.R., the nurses will check their vitals every hour to make sure everything's okay. We perform four leak tests to make sure that the patient doesn't have any leaks. Two are performed during the surgery. The third one is done the second day of the surgery. They do a gastrography. They do a barium swallow. And once that is done, we'll start liquids, and we make sure that the patient is able to drink liquids. Next day, they get discharged and go to the hotel. On the second day of the stay, I will go and check on the patient if they're okay, check their incisions, and make sure that the patient feels safe. We're really nearby, so anything that gets interrupted, we're really near. [Music]