Bariatric Revision Surgery

Bariatric Revision Surgery for Failed Weight-loss Procedures


Tijuana Bariatrics provides bariatric revision surgery for patients whose surgery has not been successful or has failed to help a patient maintain long-term weight loss. Dr. Fernando Garcia commonly revises LAP-BAND® Surgery, which can be revised with gastric bypass or gastric sleeve. He can also revise a gastric sleeve with gastric bypass surgery.

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[Music] Revision surgery in bariatric concern is a surgery when the previous surgery didn't work, or works but right now is not successful or the patient is gaining weight again. In that case, we have to make a decision what kind of surgery is going to be the next one. The LAP-BAND was utilized much in the past. Right now it is very uncommon to put a LAP-BAND but it probably is the most common procedure or correctional surgery to remove the LAP-BANDs and to perform a gastric bypass. Or if the patient dislikes the gastric bypass because they think with a sleeve it's going to be OK, we do the sleeve. But we prefer to the gastric bypass. Usually if we try to re-sleeve we are not going to cause the same restriction on this patient. Usually the patient knows how to eat more with the small amounts during the day. We prefer to use a gastric bypass; to cut the sleeve, to do a smaller pouch and to do the part of the bowel or the small intestine, to cut and move up to join with the small pouch. When the people have a gastric bypass or a duodenal switch and it is not working or the people are gaining weight, we have two choices. One; to reduce the pouch again and make longer the alimentary limb or the way for the food to be absorbed in the bowel, or, before some doctors were using a LAP-BAND to restrict more the gastric bypass. [Music]