Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Successful Weight Loss with Gastric Sleeve Surgery


Gastric sleeve surgery is a great bariatric surgery option that involves the removal of a portion of the stomach, leaving a sleeve-like portion behind. This is a type of restrictive bariatric technique available at Tijuana Bariatrics. Dr. Fernando Garcia recommends gastric sleeve surgery for patients who are not huge sweets eaters, because this procedures allows the stomach to still absorb 100 percent of the food that enters it.

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[Music] The sleeve gastrectomy is a procedure. In that procedure we have to remove part of your stomach and that is approximately 75 to 85% of total. So you're going to stay in your body with only 25 to 30. In that procedure we have to restrict the meals into your stomach, and after that you're going to absorb completely. It's only restricted procedure, and we perform under general anesthesia, laparoscopically. We perform four or five incisions. It depends on the size of your liver. It depends on your pre-op diet. Right now it's one the most important procedures to lose weight. It's indicated in patients who are not sweet eaters, it is very important because the person who eats sweets are going to absorb all the carbs. That's why we recommend you're not a sweet eater. [music]