Gastric Bypass Surgery

Exploring Bariatric Surgery for Improved Health and Appearance


Dr. Fernando Garcia is a skilled bariatric surgeon who has performed many gastric bypass surgeries. He believes in the success of this treatment for long-term weight loss. During gastric bypass surgery, the stomach is divided into two parts, creating a smaller pouch that will serve as the stomach in the future. Great candidates for this procedure are diabetic or have high-blood pressure.

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The gastric bypass is a bariatric procedure. In that surgery, we have to divide the stomach in two parts. The upper part is the smallest, the other part is the biggest. And the difference with the sleeve is that we leave both parts of the stomach inside your body. We're going to create a small pouch to receive the meals, and that causes restriction to the meals; the people are going to feel full, faster. I think it is the best choice to lose some weight. It's indicated in all the patients who are sweets eaters, for all the patients who have high blood pressure and are diabetic, and have problems with cholesterol. I prefer this procedure in diabetic people because they almost control completely their blood sugar levels. It's performed in a laporoscopic colon surgery. It's a little bit longer than the sleeve gastrectomy because we need a little bit more skills to perform this surgery. We spend probably two hours, two and a half hours. This utilizes titanium staples inside the stomach and they stay inside forever. The patients stay three night at the hospital, and they go home on the fourth day or to the hotel. And Dr. Valasco, my assistant, goes to check the patients.