Weight Loss Surgery
Body Contouring Surgery
Purpose Massive weight loss Slimmer, more toned figure
Capabilities Alters the stomach to promote weight loss Removes excess skin & contours the body
Limitations Does not remove fat or skin from targeted areas to improve body proportions Does not help patients achieve significant weight loss

Are you interested in losing a significant amount of weight? Have you recently lost weight, and now you would like to work on reshaping and recontouring your body? Tijuana Bariatrics is committed to providing access to safe, low-cost surgeries that improve our patients' confidence and quality of life. We can help patients understand the difference between weight loss surgery vs. body contouring surgery coordinated by our Tijuana, Mexico, practice so that you can determine the right treatment for your needs. Since everyone’s body is unique, it is important to understand the options so that you can decide which procedures are best suited to your needs.

Weight Loss Surgery

There are many types of weight loss surgery available, and each is designed to reduce excess weight. However, bariatric surgery does not remove excess skin or create slimmer contours on the body. Most often, body contouring is performed to improve a person’s figure following significant weight loss, either from surgery or from diet and exercise. Often, weight loss surgery is combined with body contouring surgery to create the most comprehensive and attractive results.

Known as bariatric surgery, these procedures use different techniques to promote weight loss. You should understand the various types of malabsorptive and restrictive surgeries, and consult with an experienced bariatric surgeon to determine which one is best for producing the desired results.

Stomach before and after gastric bypass surgery

A gastric bypass creates a small stomach pouch and reroutes the small intestine. This is the gold standard for bariatric surgeries and has excellent rates of success. A gastric sleeve also creates a stomach pouch, but does not involve rerouting the bowel. Another option, a gastric band such as LAP-BAND® creates a smaller stomach pouch and is a reversible procedure. For people with certain health conditions, the doctor may recommend duodenal switch surgery. This type of gastric bypass involves creating a smaller stomach pouch and bypassing the small intestine, which causes the body to absorb fewer calories. All of these weight loss surgeries are effective. Essentially, by creating a smaller stomach pouch, a person is forced to consume smaller portions, and weight loss occurs. Each procedure has risks, benefits, and potential side effects. Before undergoing any weight loss surgery, you will need to discuss available options with your doctor in order to choose the best treatment.

Woman's slim torso with shirt pulled up

Some patients may find a combination of bariatric and contouring surgeries achieve the best results. 

Body Contouring Surgery

Body contouring also includes many different surgeries, each designed to reshape a particular area of the body. Generally, after bariatric surgery or significant weight loss from diet and exercise, body contouring can create a more proportionate and attractive appearance.

Tijuana Bariatrics coordinates both affordable bariatric surgeries and body contouring procedures.

After dramatic weight loss, patients typically suffer from excess skin that may sag and cause discomfort. Body contouring procedures include:

  • Arm lift to reduce sagging skin beneath the upper arms
  • Breast lift to rejuvenate hanging or flat breasts
  • Tummy tuck to remove excess tissue, reshape the abdominal area, and restore damaged muscles
  • Lower body lift to correct sagging in the abdomen, groin, buttocks, and hips
  • Medial thigh lift to reduce sagging on all sides of the thighs

After body contouring surgery, the patient can enjoy greater confidence and a more sculpted figure, in addition to his or her recent weight loss.

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