What to Expect during Your Facelift Recovery

For optimal results after a facelift, patients need to allow for at least two weeks of recovery time to rest and heal. During your facelift recovery, the compassionate team at Tijuana Bariatrics in Tijuana, Mexico, can provide detailed care instructions and monitor your progress closely to ensure optimal effects. The extent of your recovery time will largely depend on the type of facelift surgery. The surgeons in the Tijuana Bariatrics preferred provider network can perform standard and mid facelifts, as well as mini facelifts for a shortened recovery time. If you have been considering enhancing your appearance, medical tourism provides a safe and affordable way to achieve your goals.

Directly after a Facelift

When your procedure is complete, your surgeon will loosely bandage your head and face to minimize swelling and bruising. In some cases, drainage tubes will be inserted to prevent the accumulation of excess blood or fluid under the skin. For the first few days, you should keep your head elevated and immobile to reduce swelling. It is important to keep all incisions and dressings dry until your surgeon clears you to bathe or shower. Pain medication can be prescribed to ensure your comfort during the healing process.

The First Two Weeks

Mini facelift patients can generally return to work after a day or two. However, patients who undergo standard or mid facelifts typically require about 10 to 14 days of recovery time before resuming their daily activities. During this period, it is normal to experience symptoms such as swelling, numbness, and skin discoloration. Generally, sutures are removed about five days after the procedure. 

Patients typically look more youthful and rested, and feel more self-confident about their appearance after a facelift.

Depending on the type of procedure, your surgeon may advise you to avoid strenuous activities, such as vigorous exercise or heavy housework, for the first two weeks. Walking and mild stretching are allowed during this time and can encourage blood flow. While you recover, you should rest as much as possible to promote proper healing. Certain activities, such as wearing earrings or blow drying your hair, should be avoided for a longer period of time. 

Your Final Results

For many patients, post-operative symptoms can last two to three months after treatment. Your face may feel slightly numb or sensitive during this time. As swelling, bruising, and other side effects fade, your final results will become apparent. Patients typically look more youthful and rested, and feel more self-confident about their appearance after a facelift.

Facelift patient looking in the mirror

It may take several weeks or longer for swelling to fully subside following facelift surgery. 

Keep in mind that the results of a facelift are not permanent, as you will continue to age. However, you can extend the effects by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and wearing sunscreen each day. Nonsurgical treatments, such as BOTOX® Cosmetic and dermal fillers, can enhance your results and help you retain your rejuvenated appearance. 

Turn Back the Clock

Following post-operative instructions carefully can significantly improve the result of your facelift procedure. The team at Tijuana Bariatrics is committed to providing safe, affordable treatment options, allowing patients to achieve their cosmetic goals. The preferred provider network of surgeons can perform a variety of plastic surgery procedures so you can feel confident in your appearance. For more information about facelifts or to schedule a consultation, call (664) 167-7290 or reach out online today.

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