Rewind the Clock with a Facelift

The skin on your face can begin to droop and sag with age, making you look older than you feel. If you are unhappy with how age has affected your features, the doctors working through the Tijuana Bariatrics network can help rejuvenate your appearance with a facelift in Tijuana and Monterrey, Mexico. Whether you are interested in a traditional facelift or are looking for minor touch ups, the affordability and rigorous safety standards offered by these surgeons ensures quality results.

The Basics of a Facelift

With age, skin naturally loses elasticity and the muscles lose tone. These effects can often leave you looking older and more tired. While a facelift cannot undo the signs of aging entirely, it can turn back the clock. A facelift can smooth and tighten the skin and underlying tissue of the face to redefine facial contours for a younger appearance. 

With a facelift, you can eliminate jowls, smooth deep wrinkles at the base of the nose and corners of the mouth, and restore definition to the jawline. While traditional facelift surgery typically focuses on the mid and lower face, a facelift can be combined with other surgeries such as brow lifts and blepharoplasty procedures to rejuvenate the entire face. For those who would prefer not to undergo an extensive surgery, the doctors working with Tijuana Bariatrics also offer mini and mid facelifts. Mini facelifts can address mild laxity around the neck and jaw while mid facelifts focus on restoring volume and tone to the upper cheeks.

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Facelift surgery can be customized to achieve the most natural-looking results. 

How Do I Know if I Qualify?

Undergoing plastic surgery is a serious step and commitment. As a result, facelifts are only recommended once the effects of aging are not able to be effectively treated with other procedures. Patients who receive a facelift should be in good overall health and able to undergo surgery. Ideal candidates will not smoke or drink to excess as these habits can limit the success of surgery and delay healing. If you are unsure about pursuing surgery, it is important to keep in mind that the earlier you do it, the less dramatic the change will appear. However, patients often range in age from 40 to 70 years old.


Before surgery, you will need to meet with a potential surgeon. During this consultation, the doctor will conduct a physical examination, look through your medical history notes, and ask about your goals for the procedure. In order to ensure that this is the most appropriate treatment option, it is essential that the surgeon understand what unique results you are looking to achieve. In some cases, surgery may not be the best option, and an alternative treatment may be recommended. If a facelift is the right choice for you, then your surgeon can explain what is involved in the process and establish realistic expectations for your final results.


Once you have been properly sedated, your surgeon will make discreet incisions. These incisions are typically placed in the hairline and reach from the temple to a point behind the ear. Through these incisions, your doctor can tighten underlying tissues and remove any excess fat. Your surgeon will gently pull the skin taught to remove any excess tissue before closing your incisions. A traditional facelift can take anywhere from two to six hours total.

A facelift can be combined with surgeries such as brow lifts and blepharoplasty procedures to refresh the entire face.

After Surgery

The recovery period after a facelift varies considerably from patient to patient. However, most patients are able to resume their normal routine within a few weeks of surgery. Your doctor can give you more detailed instructions for aftercare specific to your case. It is important to keep in mind that the results of your facelift will not be permanent because you will continue to age. However, you can undergo minor procedures for maintenance in the future.

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The doctors working through the Tijuana Bariatrics network coordinate care to help patients receive the best possible results for a facelift. Reach out today to schedule an appointment with one of the network’s surgeons and discuss your options. 

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