Nutritional Counseling to Ensure Your Long-term Success following Bariatric Surgery

A good diet and healthy lifestyle are the keys to achieving and maintaining the expected results of bariatric surgery. At Tijuana Bariatrics, nutritionist Linda Cardona will be there for you every step of the way. She specializes in providing nutritional counseling to bariatric patients. After your surgery with in Tijuana, Mexico, she will create and explain your individualized diet plan and adjust it to fit your specific needs. Her nutritional counseling will help you enjoy a safe recovery, meet your weight-loss goals, and start a new chapter of health in your life. To learn more about available nutritional counseling services, contact Tijuana Bariatrics Today.

Post-Bariatric Surgery Nutrition

It is important for patients to prioritize a healthy lifestyle following their bariatric surgery procedure. Post-bariatric surgery nutrition is essential to long-term success. As a follow-up care physician, Dr. Paola Velazo helps patients make a commitment to healthier choices through nutritionist services as well as consistent communication and support throughout recovery. *Note: There is no guarantee of Specific Results. Results can vary for each individual.

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The Importance of a Nutrition Counselor

Tijuana Bariatric Nutritionist Linda CardonaAfter a bariatric procedure, following a diet is extremely important for two reasons. First, you will not be able to eat the same types of foods as you did before your surgery, at least during the first several weeks after surgery. Bariatric surgery involves altering the digestive tract. Typically, patients will be on a diet of liquids and pureed foods after their procedure. Soft and solid foods will slowly be reintroduced. Because your body will not be able to absorb the same types of foods in the same quantities as it did before, a well-balanced diet created by a nutritionist is essential. This diet will include not only foods and liquids, but also supplements to ensure you are receiving the nutrients that you need.

The other important reason to follow a diet designed by a professional is to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Some patient do not reach their goal weight within a year of surgery or as expected. Others may lose substantial weight but gain some of it back years later. Exercising regularly and adopting a healthy diet prepared by a nutritionist are the two ways you can achieve and maintain health.

Ensuring Your Weight Loss Success

Woman writing on documents in front of bowl of fruitWhile you are recovering from your surgery, Linda will visit you to discuss your post-operative diet and new lifestyle. She is bilingual and has received specialized training in nutrition, obesity, and diabetes in both Mexico and the U.S. She has also served as an instructor in nutrition and food science, and remains active in a number of dietary and bariatric organizations. She is an important member of the Tijuana Bariatrics team, and she will be there to answer your questions and help determine what you can and cannot eat.

Follow-up guidance is essential to the success of your bariatric surgery. You may find it easier to adhere to new lifestyle behaviors by working closely with a dietician. After you return home, please keep in touch with your dietician via Facebook. She will be happy to advise on your diet and nutritional requirements. You can also correspond with her by email. During these follow-ups, she will find out how you are feeling, and how you are responding to the diet. Based on this information, she can make adjustments to your nutritional plan as needed.

In addition to addressing your immediate nutritional needs, Linda will also give you tools for long-term success by helping you adopt new eating habits. By making behavioral changes, you can more effectively maintain your health.

Contact Tijuana Bariatrics Today

Tijuana Bariatrics is proud to offer a full spectrum of services to help you experience success after weight loss surgery. If you are ready to achieve and maintain a healthy new lifestyle, please contact Tijuana Bariatrics today.

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