Transform Your Smile with Affordable Porcelain Veneers

A bright, beautiful smile can make a lasting impression. But if your teeth have chips, cracks, gaps, or discoloration, others may not be able to see your true, natural beauty. Porcelain veneers can conceal these imperfections, but the high cost of the restorations in the U.S. is often prohibitive. Tijuana Bariatrics coordinates every aspect of porcelain veneers treatment for patients who choose to travel to Tijuana, Mexico, where dental procedures can be performed at a fraction of the standard cost. With flexible financing available, we can help you affordably restore your smile and give you the boost in confidence you deserve.

What are Porcelain Veneers?

An illustrated example of porcelain veneersVeneers are thin ceramic shells which are bonded directly to the front of your teeth to conceal blemishes and minor imperfections. Dr. Julio Serecero will individually tailor your treatment and have each set of veneers customized to match the shape, size, and color of your natural tooth enamel. The natural, lifelike appearance of veneers makes them one of the most trusted types of restorations in dentistry.

Placing Your Veneers 

The placement of your veneers will be completed in various steps, using the highest-grade materials and the most advanced techniques.

Preparing the Teeth

First, we will remove a small amount of enamel from the surface of each treated tooth to allow for a comfortable and natural fit. Next, an impression of your bite will be taken to precisely match the shape and size of your teeth. The impressions will be sent to a trusted laboratory where technicians will create your permanent restorations. During this time, we will provide a set of temporary veneers to maintain your appearance and minimize sensitivity. 

Attaching the Restorations

Once the veneers have been crafted and are prepared for placement, Dr. Serecero will apply a specialized gel to your teeth to create a slightly roughened surface. Then he will apply a strong bonding agent to properly secure the veneers for long-lasting results. The following step will involve dental cement, which has also been color-matched to blend naturally with your surrounding teeth. The cement will be applied to the back of the veneers, and they will be gently pressed against the surface of your teeth.  

Veneers can allow you to regain the confidence you need to laugh comfortably and show off the beauty and personality behind your smile.

Following placement of the veneers, the bond will be hardened using a special curing light. To complete the procedure, the doctor will test your bite to ensure your comfort, and then make any necessary adjustments. 

Treatment Benefits

If chips, cracks, and other dental concerns cause you to cover your mouth while laughing or smile less often than you would like, veneers may be the right option for you. With improved symmetry and brilliant results, veneers can allow you to regain the confidence you need to laugh comfortably and show off the beauty and personality behind your smile. 

Smile with Confidence Again

If you have considered porcelain veneers but worried the treatment was out of your budget, we can help. To learn more about how Tijuana Bariatrics can allow you to achieve your treatment goals, please contact our office today

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