Understanding the Steps of a Dental Implant Procedure

Once you have met with a doctor in our preferred provider network to discuss how dental implants can restore your smile, the dental implant procedure will be completed at a local Monterrey and Tijuana, Mexico, office. The process of receiving dental implants can be lengthy, often requiring multiple procedures and an extended healing period. However, once treatment has been completed, patients can expect to experience a stronger, healthier, and more beautiful smile. By choosing Tijuana Bariatrics, you can also save substantially on the total cost of your care.

Diagram showing various steps of dental implant surgery

Preparing For Surgery

Following a comprehensive dental evaluation, consisting of x-rays and digital models made of your teeth and jaw, a customized treatment plan will be designed to address your unique needs and concerns. If your jawbone has deteriorated due to long-term tooth loss, your doctor may recommend that you first undergo a bone graft or sinus lift.

Choosing to undergo implant surgery in Mexico can keep treatment costs low without compromising your health, comfort, or safety.

During this time, various anesthesia and sedation options will also be discussed, and your doctor will instruct you on whether you should abstain from eating and drinking prior to the procedure. 

Placing the Implants

The initial step in the implant placement process consists of your doctor making an incision in the gum tissue, exposing a portion of the jawbone. Next, a small hole will be drilled directly into the bone, where the titanium post will be placed. The implant will be placed in a way that serves the function of dental roots. The incision may be sutured closed, or in some cases, a temporary restoration will be placed. Patients can receive one or several implants at one time, and the number will be determined by the type of restoration that is required. 

The Healing Period

Dental implants are highly sought after, and many patients choose the option due to their long-lasting strength and durability. To achieve this stable foundation, several months of healing are required before a permanent restoration can be placed. During a process called osseointegration, the implants will actually fuse with the surrounding tissue. Depending on the patient's health and other factors, this process can take anywhere from four to six months.

Attaching the Abutment

Once healing is complete, the abutment, which is used as a connector to secure a crown, bridge, or denture, will be attached directly to the implant. During this step, your dentist or oral surgeon may need to make a small incision in the gums to expose the implant. Once the abutment is attached, the surrounding gum tissue will be closed and left to heal. After a couple of weeks, your new restoration, which has already been custom-crafted for a natural fit and appearance, will be attached securely to the implants. 

Learn More About Traveling for Your Dental Health

If you would like to learn more about dental implants, including how they can transform your smile and restore function to your bite, please contact Tijuana Bariatrics online or call (800) 308-3607 to set up a consultation. We are fully committed to helping our patients afford the highest level of care and can discuss whether traveling to meet your healthcare needs is right for you.

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