Preparing for Bariatric Surgery

Tijuana Bariatrics is committed to improving patients' lives with affordable weight loss procedures. We can help patients in preparing for bariatric surgery before their procedure in Tijuana, Mexico. In planning for your procedure, you may need lab work performed, and you will need to refrain from using tobacco or overindulging in alcohol. An exercise regimen will help you lose some weight prior to surgery, which, according to research, will help you lose more weight after your procedure. Establishing an exercise routine can also reduce the length of your surgery and recovery, while reducing the potential for complications and side effects. Perhaps most importantly, establishing healthy habits in preparation for bariatric surgery will help you maintain healthy habits and achieve the best results after your procedure.

Three to Six Months Before Surgery

You will need to schedule several weeks off of work for your recovery. Be sure that following surgery, you will have someone to help take care of you, as well as your children and animals. It is important to have a family member, friend, or caregiver with you for at least a week following your procedure. Make certain that your pantry is full of the healthy foods, medications, and supplements you will need during the first few months. You should also begin designing a lifestyle to support your treatment goals by practicing healthy eating and regular exercise.

Diet and Eating

Healthy meal in tupperwareFollowing surgery, the nutritionist working with Tijuana Bariatrics will oversee your dietary choices. You will not be able to eat as much as you could before surgery. It is important that the foods you eat after your procedure are those with significant nutritious value, to support your recovery and ongoing health. Therefore, start eliminating junk food from your diet now. The foods you eat should be low in fat and high in protein. If you consume a diet rich in unhealthy foods, you risk suffering from malnutrition.

Overeating is counterproductive to bariatric surgery results, so it is important to retrain yourself not only what to eat, but how much to eat and when to stop eating.

Overeating is counterproductive to bariatric surgery results, so it is important to retrain yourself not only in what to eat, but how much to eat and when to stop eating. Additionally, avoid drinking anything with meals. After the procedure, you will be advised to drink beverages between meals instead of during them, so you do not fill up on liquids rather than foods. It is best to start this habit now, so you will be used to it after your procedure. A multivitamin taken daily, starting a few months prior to your procedure, will help your body adjust to processing supplements. After surgery, you will need to take supplements every day.


Bariatric surgery patients in aerobics classIf you are physically able to, exercising 30 minutes per day can reduce your risk for surgical complications. This will help jump start pre-surgery weight loss, as well as post-surgery habits that will help you maintain a healthy weight. Simply walking is often a good place to start.

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