Gastric Bypass Surgery Costs

Gastric bypass surgery is a bariatric procedure that is performed to help people lose weight when diet and exercise alone have been ineffective. During the procedure, the stomach is divided into two separate pouches and the lower end of the small intestine is reconnected to the smaller section of the stomach. As a result, the amount of food that patients are able to eat is restricted and the absorption of food is limited. This allows patients to lose 10-20 pounds of body weight per month for a year or more following surgery. This procedure can typically be quite expensive, but you can save money on gastric bypass surgery costs by undergoing treatment through Tijuana Bariatrics. If you have been considering weight loss surgery and would like to learn more about the exceptional surgeons through Tijuana Bariatrics, please contact our exceptional weight management professionals who will help guide you through every step of the process.

We are able to offer the same surgery at a fraction of the cost, typically around $6,500

The Gastric Bypass Procedure

smiling woman in fieldAt Tijuana Bariatrics, gastric bypass surgery is performed using laparoscopic techniques, meaning the entire procedure is performed through small incisions. Surgical instruments will be inserted through these small openings to access the stomach. The surgeons will make an incision to divide the stomach into two smaller sections, and the upper portion will be connected directly to the small intestine. This makes the stomach much smaller, and connects it to a lower section of the intestine.

To facilitate weight loss after surgery, the stomach can only hold roughly one cup of food at a time. In addition, the food will not be broken down and processed completely. This enables patients to reduce their body weight quickly and adopt and maintain more healthful eating habits. Similar to other types of weight loss surgeries, it is important to note that although this procedure will give you the opportunity to lose weight, adopting a healthier lifestyle is necessary to achieve your goals.

The Tijuana Bariatrics Advantage

The typical cost of gastric bypass surgery in the U.S. is between $20,000-30,000, depending on where in the country you have the procedure done. Through medical tourism, many patients are finding that the cost of weight loss procedures can be affordable on nearly any budget, without sacrificing health or safety standards.

We are able to offer the same surgery at a fraction of the cost, typically around $6,500 The facilities are equipped with the most up-to-date technology and are held to the same rigorous standards of care and safety as hospitals in the U.S. The surgeons have performed thousands of bariatric procedures and have an unparalleled record of success. The entire surgical experience is designed with your comfort and safety in mind. We will accompany you from the time we pick you up at the San Diego airport until we drop you back off to travel home. 

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