In some cases, patients undergo bariatric surgery, but either do not experience weight loss, or cannot maintain a healthy weight. These patients may believe that they are out of options, but the fact is that there is hope. Renowned surgeons Dr. Fernando Garcia and Dr. David Vazquez working with Tijuana Bariatrics, are known for delivering outstanding services to a wide range of patients, including revision weight loss surgery patients. Contact Tijuana Bariatrics today to learn more about the expertise in bariatric and revision surgeries provided, and how it can positively transform your life.

We can perform bariatric revision surgeries of virtually any type

Offering Hope with Revision Bariatric Surgery

We know that losing weight and keeping it off is not easy, even for former bariatric surgery patients. Some patients may not experience the results they desire in the months following their gastric bypass, mini bypasssleeve, or LAP-BAND® procedure. Others might lose weight, but gain it back over time. These situations can be incredibly frustrating for patients who have dreamed of a healthier life and an improved body image.

We are happy to tell these patients that they can realize their weight loss and lifestyle goals. Dr. Garcia and Dr. Vazquez are known for providing revision bariatric surgeries, often for patients who are not considered candidates at other practices. The doctors can review your medical history, and the team of weight loss professionals will work closely with you in planning a revision bariatric surgery that meets your needs. With their vast experience in a full spectrum of bariatric procedures, the team at Tijuana Bariatrics has the knowledge to help you decide the right treatment option to help you meet your goals.

Revision Surgery Types

We can perform revision bariatric surgeries of virtually any type, including but not limited to:

Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass & Mini Bypass Revision: Over time, gastric bypass or mini gastric bypass may no longer facilitate sustained weight loss - maybe because the pouch has enlarged, or more malabsorption is required. Fortunately, a revision mini bypass or gastric bypass procedure can deliver the results you deserve, and allow you to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

revision bariatric surgeryLAP-BAND® Surgery Revision: Sometimes the device placed around the stomach can slip after surgery, stop working, or have another problem that curbs weight loss, or even leads to weight gain. A revisional LAP-BAND® procedure often involves a new surgical approach, including a sleeve, laparoscopic mini bypass, or gastric bypass procedure. 

Gastric Sleeve Revision: Although gastric sleeve surgery can very effectively lead to weight loss, it is not successful in every case. Sometimes when the stomach pouch stretches, or the sleeve does not working as designed, a revision surgery may be needed to enjoy a healthy weight. Patients who originally underwent gastric sleeve surgery might benefit from a different revisional bariatric procedure, like gastric bypass or laparoscopic mini bypass surgery. 

Gastric Sleeve Plication: Plication surgery patients who do not benefit from long-term weight loss can find hope with a revisional surgery. Sometimes a sleeve revision may be the right route, although a gastric bypass is often the most suitable procedure to safely achieve a healthy weight.

In all, your revisional procedure will be individualized to your needs, and we will work closely with you determine which approach can provide the greatest benefit. Your revision procedure may involve a different surgical option or technique than you originally received, depending on your health, weight loss goals, and lifestyle. 

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