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Why Bariatric Surgery Support Groups Are Important

Smiling women in support groupThe effects of bariatric surgery can be life-altering and adopting a healthier lifestyle is a lifelong commitment.* Both prior to and following your weight loss treatment, it is important to find good bariatric support groups. Individuals who are in similar situations can offer motivation, assistance, and guidance throughout your weight loss journey. Tijuana Bariatrics in Tijuana, Mexico, can help to answer your questions and provide tips for finding the right group or forum for your needs.

Why Should I Join a Support Group?

Patients may question why they should join a support group when they can get emotional and mental support from their family and friends. Although loved ones are an integral part of your recovery and maintaining your results, individuals who have not undergone bariatric surgery themselves will be unable to truly understand what you are facing. Studies suggest that patients who attend support group meetings regularly maintain their weight-loss goals over the long-term, and lose more weight than those who do not. 

A Safe, Positive Space

The best guidance often comes from someone who has personally experienced the challenges of bariatric surgery. Dedicated support groups are made up of patients just like you. When you find the right fit, this positive space can allow you to share your experiences and hear stories that inspire and motivate you to achieve your treatment goals.

Studies suggest that patients who attend support groups regularly tend to lose more weight and maintain their results more over time.

In many cases, medical professionals moderate group discussions, creating an educational and safe space to facilitate the exchange of ideas and tips. A support group can help answer queries on:

There are also different avenues for seeking the support you need. Apart from in-person meetups, there are also online forums where you can get the help, information, and encouragement you need.

Sticking with Lifestyle Changes

Apart from an outside support group, the encouragement of family and close friends is paramount. To experience the best results of bariatric surgery and lose optimal weight, patients need to make substantial changes to their lifestyle.

Your lifestyle habits prior to surgery, whether they included eating out frequently, consuming junk food, or drinking at bars, may not be compatible with your current weight loss goals. You should educate your loved ones and replace any bad habits with new, healthier activities. Whether you begin cooking more meals at home with your family or hit the gym with a friend, life after bariatric surgery can be even more fulfilling with the love and support of those closest to you.

Take the First Step

Adjusting to life after bariatric surgery can be trying but you do not need to do it alone. To learn more about finding support, contact Tijuana Bariatrics online or call (877) 759-0739 to schedule a consultation.

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