Dr. Julio Serecero

“We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.”- Mother Teresa.

Dr. Julio Serecero stands by this quote and is one of his favorite quotes. He believes that a smile can give a human being confidence and bring about an inner as well as outer beauty to a person.

A smile can alter a person’s personality and bring about a profound change that can affect the environment around that person. Dr. Julio Serecero is a dental specialist that has completed his DDS from the university of Baja California . His specialty includes Oral Implantology which he was certified and completed in Cuba. His education and experience makes him to be one of the foremost Dental Oral surgeons that Tijuana Mexico can boast of.

When not performing surgery, Dr. Julio Serecero is enjoying the scenery of sunny California. He loves the sun and the surf. One would find him surfing the big waves. Dr. Julio Serecero loves to work with patients. He believes in restoring their confidence and giving back their smile.!