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Because of its proximity to the United States, Mexico has become one of the top destinations both for medical tourism in general and for weight loss surgery in particular. Our bariatric surgery practice is conveniently located in Tijuana, Mexico, which is the most affordable city to have bariatric surgery performed in. Just because treatment is affordable, however, doesn't mean that you are compromising your safety or the quality of your care. At the bariatric surgery center of Dr. Fernando Garcia, your safety is our highest priority. We hold our ourselves to the highest standard of excellence because we want you to receive the outstanding care that you deserve - the sort of care that will transform both your health and your life.

What We Offer

Our bariatric surgery practice, located in stunning Tijuana, Mexico, offers a wide variety of advanced weight loss treatments that can be completely customized to fulfill your unique needs. The high-quality services that we provide include:

What You Should Know Prior to Receiving Treatment

Before you undergo bariatric surgery, our weight loss specialists must first evaluate your medical history and perform a thorough examination. In order to qualify for weight loss surgery at our facility, you must have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher. Because our practice is based in a safe hospital, our team is able to provide a wider range of treatments, perform and analyze tests prior to surgery, and accept high risk patients who are in need of bariatric and metabolic intervention.

Upon your arrival at our MiDoctor Hospital in Tijuana, if we discover that you have failed to disclose information about your medical history, you may be refused treatment. Because we value honesty, we strive to establish a high level of trust and communication with our patients.

Changing the Way You Look and Feel

Our desire is to enhance your quality of life through bariatric surgery so that you can feel as though nothing is holding you back from achieving your life's goals. Affordable weight loss surgery that is safe and effective will help you reclaim your health and your life. The higher your BMI, the greater your risk for developing serious, life-threatening conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, degenerative joint disorder, sleep apnea, asthma, and high cholesterol.

Contact Our Bariatric Surgery Practice in Tijuana

Rather than aiming for perfection, we suggest that you aim to be better today than you were yesterday. Make the conscious choice to take control of your weight by living a healthier lifestyle. With our world-class surgeon's help, you can gain the tools you need to lose weight and keep it off! Contact the bariatric surgery practice of Dr. Fernando Garcia in Tijuana to speak with one of the knowledgeable members of our team about your case and how best to achieve the results you want from weight loss surgery.

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